Refleksi: Masyarakat Saudia Arabia  sejak 1500 tahun lalu berdasarkan azas 
hukum agama mempunyai banyak kekurangan, apakah ini  baik bagi Indonesia untuk 
memberlakukan hukum yang sama?

            Thursday 28 August 2008 (26 Sha`ban 1429)

                  Where do we lack
                  Ahmed Al-Arfaj I Al-Madinah 
                  WHOEVER ponders the current condition of Saudi society will 
realize that we need to look inward, debate issues affecting us and - with 
courage and transparency - place all our problems on the table.

                  If one looks at the history of Saudi society during the past 
25 years, one realizes that we have forgotten our social values and become 
preoccupied with the affairs of others. Society has focused its attention on 
others and became oblivious of its own.

                  During the past years, we have been busy giving advice to 
others, reforming their economies and publishing what we believe to be correct. 
We have traveled here and there on the pretext of purifying and correcting the 
faith of others.

                  All these activities gave us an inner feeling that we are 
right in all respects. It gave us a feeling of supremacy, which we began to 
refer to as the Saudi idiosyncrasy. Needless to say, when you feel that you 
have all these qualifications and privileges, you will not look at yourself and 
feel for a moment that you may be mistaken.

                  While doing this, we are under the notion that we are 
complete, that we own the truth, and that there is no need to look inward and 
correct our own mistakes. What could we possibly lack when we feel that we know 
what is right and what is wrong? And what has been the result of all this? 
History shows that those who ignore their own shortcomings and concentrate on 
correcting others' flaws, remain behind.

                  We try to solve others' problems while ignoring the fact that 
similar problems exist in our own country. The divorce rate in our country is 
one of the highest in the world. 

                  We seem to be preoccupied with the affairs of others - Iraq, 
Nicaragua, Afghanistan, India and North and South Korea - while our own 
problems continue to mount. 

                  These include shortages in drinking water, domestic violence, 
robberies, problems related to university admissions and unemployment

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