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        Posted: 14 Sep 2008 08:33 PM PDT

        The MUI’s laundry list of complaints about television programming this 
Ramadan, including effeminate male roles.

        In reviewing the fare on television this Ramadan the Muslim clerical 
body Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), in cooperation with the Department of 
Communications (Badan Informasi Pubik Depkominfo) and the Broadcasting 
Commission (Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia, KPI), managed to find 805 inappropriate 
scenes on television, featuring:

          a.. violence 
          b.. mysticism 
          c.. indecency 
        The checking of television content was done between 1-8 September 2008 
at the key times of 03.00-05.00 (meal time before fasting) and 17.00-19.00 
(fast breaking meal time).

        Indosiar was the worst offender, accounting for 18% of violations, 
while Metro TV was the most straitlaced, with only 0.6%. Trans TV and Trans 7 
were said to be improving their performance, and were praised for largely 
having stopped using effeminate male performers, compared to last year.

        However Trans7 had one slip-up, - on 1st September during Empat Mata 
Sahur Seru featuring Tukul Arwana, there were scenes of hugging between Ruben 
Onsu and Andhara Early, with an effeminate man.

        Television personality Ivan Gunawan.

        On this, Said Budairy of the MUI asked television stations to reduce 
the number of appearances by effeminate or obviously homosexual men, or those 
said to be suffering from:

          gender identity disorder

        Apart from gay men on television the MUI is also worried about Ramadan 
themed quiz & prize shows. Budairy said these shows were idiotic, made viewers 
stupid, and were a form of gambling.

        In general though the MUI was happy that television programming during 
Ramadan was becoming more Islamic, compared to last year. [1] [2]

          a.. ↑1 kompas 
          b.. ↑2 inilah 
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Trans 7, Tukul Arwana, TV, Violence

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