Refleksi: Telepas dari perceraian warganegara Australia, tetapi mengenai paspor 
ini agaknya juga  menjadi pengalaman banyak TKW. Paspor mereka ditahan majikan 
atau  agen mengakibatkan para TKW/TKI sulit berkutik dan terpaksa  terus 
mengikat diri dengan kondisi kerja  yang buruk, upah rendah yang kadang kala  
juga tidak dibayar.

Sunday 21 September 2008 (21 Ramadan 1429)

      Divorce row leaves Aussie woman stranded in Riyadh
      M. Ghazanfar Ali Khan I Arab News 
      RIYADH: The Australian ambassador to Saudi Arabia told Arab News 
yesterday that the mission is "rendering all possible consular assistance" to a 
woman who is unable to leave the Kingdom due the messy repercussions of a 

      The woman, who has complained that the Australian government isn't 
helping her, also claims that she has been threatened by arrest for showing her 
face to a neighbor. 

      "Embassy officials will be meeting her later in the day with a view to 
provide her full support," said Australian Ambassador R. Kevin Magee. "I can't 
confirm or deny the report of her possible detention by the local police, but 
our consular staff are committed and are extending all necessary support to the 

      Australia's Foreign Affairs Department reportedly told the woman two 
months ago it could not help her in winning custody of her children. The 
husband, also an Australian citizen, has reportedly filed for custody of the 
four children in a Saudi court. The woman claims he has also taken her passport 
and may have left Riyadh for an unknown destination inside the Kingdom. 
According to the Adelaide Advertizer, the woman was denied shelter at the 
Australian Embassy. 

      The woman claims that local police have threatened to arrest her for 
showing her face to a neighbor, which is not illegal in the Kingdom but in some 
cases can draw the ire of the moral police. 

      The woman could face arrest if the husband has fled with her residency 
papers. Obtaining an exit visa may be difficult without her husband's 
permission, and without her passport - which she says her husband has stolen 
from her - she cannot travel anyway. Considering this, custody of the children 
may be the least of the woman's immediate concerns

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