Imam Moh. Ibrahim Memon nipu beberapa murid perempuan (Muslimah) yg
berjilbab untuk menjadi bininya sesuai dg apa yg dilakukan oleh Nabi
Junjungan kpd bini anak angkatnya.

Silakan baca komentar Aisha Ahmed dan artikel aslinya.

Kejadian mirip2 spt ini banyak terjadi di madrasah di Indonesia
khususnya di Jabar. Rupanya JILBAB tidak, sama sekali tidak melindungi
dari orang2 yg mesum dan pengikut sunnah nabi.

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by Aisha Amed
Muslim community in Buffalo N.Y and Virginia is outraged on 40 year old
married Haji Hafiz Mohammed Memon, author of Islamic books and principal
of a well known Islamic boarding school.

He had tricked two of his young and pretty burqa wearing hijabbed girl
students into fake marriage and having sex with them.. .

It all started when he was reading about Prophet's affair with his
daughter in law Zainab.. Prophet was turned on by his lovely daughter in
law whom he badly wanted to screw. Prophet managed to trick her into his
bed with a fake marriage by saying that Allah had married her to him in
heaven and had sent this message via Gibraeel as an aya of
quran.(33.37).. . It worked like a charm; Zainab was in Mo's bed in no
time since his son Zaid and all others in Madina fell for the scam.. All
of a sudden Haji Saheb of Buffalo, N.Y. had a great idea to seduce his
naïve female students by a similar scam.He knew that they trusted him
totally like Zainab , Zaid and all muslims trusted prophet. Why wouldn't
they, Haji Saheb was a very pious Islamic scholar, a hafiz of Quran and
and Imam of the school mosque, school's principal and writer of Islamic
books . His scam worked like a charm like Prophet's. He managed to sleep
with atleast two of his young and pretty students (for two years with
one of them) . Here is the news story.

Principal of Islamic school in Buffalo ousted  over sex allegations
He may have taken student as second  wife  By Mark Sommer NEWS  STAFF
Updated: 08/27/08 2:57 PM

Mohammed  Ibrahim Memon

The principal of an Islamic boarding school on Buffalo's East Side has
been forced to resign after allegations that he was sexually involved
with one of his students and that he claimed to have taken her as a
second wife.

Evidence suggests Mohammed Ibrahim Memon 40, a father of seven,
persuaded a very religious hijabbed student Sajidah Khan, then 21, to
sleep with him after lieing to her that a marriage ceremony with her was
already performed in her absence

Dr. Khalid J. Qazi, president of the local chapter of the Muslim Public
Affairs Council, expressed disappointment over Memon's
“inappropriate and intimate relationship.”

"Parents have trusted their daughters with Imam Ibrahim, and he has
broken that trust and by having sex with them," Qazi said.

Mixed views  expressed

"We were  betrayed," said Chaudhary A. Khan of Woodbridge, Va.,
Sajidah's  father, who has sent four children to Madania.

At issue is  Memon's relationship with Sajidah Khan, now 23.

Khan says Memon proposed to her at school in August 2006, and proclaimed
within days he had married her himself, under Islamic law and then
consummated the marriage. He also told her to keep their marriage

Memon  admitted  "intimate, clandestine sexual relations" with Sajida
Khan from  August 2006 to July 2008.

Darul-Uloom  Al-Madania consists of a complex of brick buildings, along
with  Masjid Zakariya, a former church cathedral.

Because interaction between the sexes is forbidden under Islam until
marriage, girls and boys are not allowed to be in the same classroom or
have outside contact.

When girls are  taught by male teachers, they must listen in another

Khan attended the girls secondary school through 10th grade. She
continued her studies with a five-year program leading to a certificate
of Islamic scholarship in 2006.

It was in her last year of study, Khan said, that Memon sought her out.
Khan says he arranged a secret meeting on Aug. 30, 2006, in the locked
basement of a heating room.

Khan said the imam flirted with her, and she had to repel him when he
tried to have physical contact. That day marked the first time he talked
of marriage, she said.

Until that day,  Khan said, she could count the social contacts she had
had with males  on one hand.

"In our culture, we don't even let girls sit with their male cousins,
and this guy is a teacher. Why is this man, who has said we are not even
allowed to chat with a boy, doing this?" she said.

"At the same  time, I'm thinking, 'He is a teacher, he is very famous,
maybe he  knows something I don't know.'"

Memon persisted with marriage requests. Khan says after she agreed,
Memon told her he had finalized their marriage the next day, Sept. 8, in
her absence.

Memon insisted  she tell no one, including her parents, Khan said. Their
sexual  relationship started that day.

She returned home to live with her parents in a Virginia suburb, but
schemed with Memon for meetings near her home and in Buffalo and had

Khan said Memon was always concerned about covering his tracks so their
relationship wouldn't be detected., although Memon's wife, Mariam,

She was surprised to hear the educator make dismissive comments about
the girls who studied at Madania, and "often said women were [on Earth]
only to satisfy men."

Chaudhary Khan, Sajidah's father, said Memon eventually admitted
marrying his daughter, but wouldn't send a marriage contract to confirm

"Within the Islamic community, the family has such a high status that
everyone is worried about compromising one's honor and dignity. People
are also afraid to give Islam a bad name, especially in the current

A former Madania girl student, who wished to remain anonymous, also told
The News she had a intimate relationship with Memon several years ago as
a student. Days after accepting his marriage proposal, she said, Memon
told her he married them both in front of two witnesses she came to
believe never existed. Memon then started sleeping with the very
religious and hijabbed girl.

Also, like Khan, the former student said Memon told her not to tell
anyone. But she did, and soon her father removed her from the school.
The woman no longer believes she was married to Memon, and is bitter
toward the school and its teachings.

"When I  talked to [the former student], we realized it was almost the
same  story for both of us," Khan said.

"If you take  the Islamic perspective out of it , then you would see
nothing really  wrong  with our relationship," Memon said.


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