BANYAK UMAT Islam yg setelah mendapat pencerahan, menyadari bhw the
so-called Miracle of Number 19 tidak laen dan tidak bukan adalah
akal2annya Dr. Rashad Khalifa. Dia sudah dibunuh oleh sejumlah orang
Islam fanatikun yg selain merasa tertipu juga geram dg dia yg menyatakan
a.l. bhw Surat Al Taubat itu telah tidak asli. Dia tuduh sudah
ditambahin beberapa ayat spy bisa dibagi 19. Dr. Khalifa juga dicurigai
bermaksud untukmengangkat dirinya sbg the Latter Day Prophet of Islam.

Silakan baca link terlampir yg disiapkan oleh seorang Muslim yg dongkol
sekali telah ditipu oleh Dr. Khalifa.

Gabriela Rantau


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Rashad Khalifa (The "dajjal", liar and deceiver)
11/19/1935 - 1/31/1990

The Rashad Khalifa Cult Exposed:

An email that I received
<>  from a Muslim
brother who personally knew  Rashad Khalifa and worked with him in the
past, demonstrating how the latter was  fraudulent and deceiving
throughout his life.

A biography about Rashad Khalifa, including picture.

Yes, the number 19 is miraculous in the Noble Quran and was proven to be
essential in many of the Scientific Theories and Discoveries.
<>   But it
doesn't at all support Rashad Khalifa's removal of two Noble Verses from
the Noble Quran, and his claim to be GOD Almighty's Messenger.

My rebuttal to Rashad Khalifa's number 19 theory.

Hadith #1: Rashad Khalifa - 20th century Hadithist?
<>   This
article exposes the lies and false Sayings of Dr. Khalifa that he
claimed were inspired by Allah Almighty.

Hadith #2: Claim that Noble Verses 9:128-129 were "fraudulently added"
to the Noble Quran. <>

Hadith #3: No possibility of Divine punishment for crimes committed
below age 40 - Even mass murder!

Hadith #4: Rashad Khalifa was commanded by Gabriel to tell the world he
was the Messiah and "second coming" of Christ.

Rashad Khalifa rape case.
<>   See the snap
shot of the Arizona "Tucson Citizen," October 6, 1979, p. 2B news paper
regarding his rape case with a teenager.

Debate Over 19 Publicized By

Code 19 Deceit.
<>   This site
is dedicated to exposing Code 19 Deceit.

"19" - The Number of Hell's Angels.

There was no "Rasul (Messenger)" who was not also a "Naby (Prophet)".

Invention of computers is not the "Creature" of Quran 27:82.

19 = The Numbers Don't Add UP - Some Examples.

Exposing the Islamic cults.

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