Refleksi:  Sesuai keterangan para sandra bahwa mereka dilepaskan oleh pihak 
penyandra, tetapi pemerintah Mesir bilang dibebaskan oleh kesatuan special 
tentara Mesir. Kebiasaan mengibul terbukti. Orang TT membohong tidak 

Tuesday 30 September 2008 (30 Ramadan 1429)

      Egypt frees hostages in daring raid
      Samer Ak-Atrush I AFP 
      CAIRO: A group of European tourists and their guides snatched by armed 
bandits in a remote desert 10 days ago were freed unharmed in a pre-dawn raid 
by Egyptian special forces yesterday, officials said.

      The group of 19 hostages - five Germans, five Italians, a Romanian and 
eight Egyptian drivers and tour guides - were flown into Cairo aboard an 
Egyptian military plane and taken for medical checks, state television said.

      The freed hostages, apparently in good health, were greeted and handed 
flowers as they walked unassisted across the tarmac. Defense Minister Hussein 
Tantawi said, "half of the kidnappers were eliminated" in the raid, the 
official MENA news agency reported.

      "Just before dawn two helicopters flew in special forces from the elite 
Lightning Brigade who freed the hostages," an Egyptian security official said, 
asking not to be named. "There was a gunfight during which half of the around 
35 kidnappers were killed and the rest escaped," he said. About 150 Egyptian 
special forces had been sent to Sudan, he said, where Italian and German 
special forces were also on standby, with about 30 Egyptian special forces 
carrying out the operation.

      The hostages were snatched while on a safari in a lawless area of Egypt's 
southwestern desert on Sept. 19.

      The kidnappers - whose identities remain unknown - had demanded a ransom 
but Italy's Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said no money had been paid and 
that Italian special forces had also been involved.

      "We cannot yet relate the dynamics (of the release) but we can deny with 
certainty the payment of any ransom," Frattini said on Italian television from 
Belgrade. "It was a most professional operation, and obviously we thank our 
German friends who worked with us, as well as Egypt and Sudan," he said.

      "We should recognize that we obtained this result thanks to the 
professionalism and effectiveness of our secret services and our special 
forces," he said, without elaborating. Their release came after an Egyptian 
security official said kidnappers had agreed to let their captives go in return 
for a ransom."The problem was solved. They had agreed to the ransom. It was 
merely a matter of receiving the hostages, but then this surprise happened," he 
said, referring to the shooting

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