Dear all,
please kindly find the statement from Mr. Harry van Bommel and Mrs. Krista van 
Velzen, Regarding the massacre in Rawagede, that I have received ten minutes 
ago from Mr. Harry van Bommel
I met Mrs Krista van Velzen at the Netherlands parliament in the Hague on April 
22, 2008.
The delegation of Dutch Members of Parliament will arrive in Jakarta on October 
12, 2008.
To know more about Rawagede, please visit
Petition to the Dutch government:
Best regards,
Batara R Hutagalung
Chairman of the Committee of Dutch Honorary Debts.
Komite Utang Kehormatan Belanda (KUKB)
Compensate the victims of Rawagedéh 
This week a delegation of Dutch Members of Parliament is visiting Indonesia. 
The biggest opposition group,.the Socialist Party (SP), will also participate 
in this delegation. In our view, while it is of the utmost importance that the 
Netherlands and Indonesia have good relations with each other, this can only be 
achieved via the recognition, at the same time, of mistakes made in the past. 
In this respect the expression of regret by former Foreign Minister Ben Bot, 
regarding the military actions of 1945-1949, represents an important step 
forward. But this must not stop at such a declaration. A gesture must be made 
towards the people who suffered as a result of this war which in the 
Netherlands was referred to, completely incorrectly, as a series of “policing 
actions”. Compensation must be offered to the victims of mass murder during 
this war, and to their descendants. This would principally involve ordinary 
citizens, including women and children, who
 were put to death in the course of serious breaches of human rights committed 
by Dutch soldiers. In the first place we are thinking of the village of 
Rawagedéh in Java, where in December of 1947 hundreds of people were murdered. 
Dutch soldiers were responsible for these extra-judicial executions. Given the 
fact that there is no statute of limitations for war crimes, it is strange that 
these soldiers have never been prosecuted. The Dutch government has never made 
any kind of gesture towards these families, neither in writing, nor in 
face-to-face meetings, nor in any other fashion. So it was completely 
unexpected when, in December 2007, the Dutch ambassador, sixty years after the 
event, was present at the commemoration of this bloodbath. This form of 
recognition of guilt over the Netherlands’ responsibility for these crimes is, 
in our opinion, not sufficient. The Dutch government must be prepared to 
express its official regret to the descendants of the
 victims of Rawagedéh and to pay them compensation throughout the rest of their 
lives. My party proposed this in parliament last winter. Unfortunately our 
resolution did not win the support of a majority. We therefore welcome the fact 
that recently some of the survivors have announced that they will bring a legal 
action before the Dutch courts. We hope that compensation for the victims of 
Rawagedéh can provide the beginning for a thoroughgoing reconciliation process 
with the victims of the colonial war unjustly fought by the Netherlands 
Harry van Bommel and Krista van Velzen are Members of the Dutch Parliament for 
the Socialist Party.   


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