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  Islamic terrorists use child porn websites to exchange information 

  By Daily Mail Reporter 

  Last updated at 3:48 PM on 17th October 2008 

  Islamic terrorists are using paedophile websites to communicate secret coded 
messages, according to anti-terror experts. 

  A link between hardcore child pornography and Muslim extremists has been 
uncovered by police raids. 

  The discovery could lead to child welfare experts being trained to identify 
signs of terrorist involvement as they monitor pornographic sites. 

  Coded messages: Police have uncovered links between child porn and Islamic 

  Police are now investigating the link in an attempt to learn more about the 
way terrorists operate. 

  Conservative security spokeswoman Baroness Neville-Jones told The Times 
newspaper: 'The information about a possible link between extremism and child 
pornography potentially provides useful insight into three things: the methods 
that extremists use to communicate; the methods they use to target vulnerable 
people in society; and the techniques they seek to use to conceal their online 

  She added: 'There is no doubt that these possible linkages should merit 
further research.' 

  Images of child abuse were found during Scotland Yard anti-terrorism swoops 
and in big inquiries in Italy and Spain. 

  British police were first alerted to the link in 2006 when they investigated 
the possible terror links of a former Mujahideen fighter who preached at a 
London mosque. They discovered computerised images of child abuse. 

  Five years earlier an investigation of a mosque run by an al-Qaeda recruiter 
in Milan found child pornography that police believe contained encoded 

  British security sources are unsure why people claiming to be devoted to the 
teachings of Islam are would use such offensive material. 

  A source said: 'It shows that these people are very confused. Here they are 
hating Western decadence but actually making use of it and finding that they 
enjoy this stuff.' 


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