Refleksi: Rupanya di tanah suci ada juga banyak tidak suci. Selain berita ini, 
kalau diingat perlakuan buruk terhadap para TKW,  maka istilah suci untuk Arab 
Saudia agaknya tidak cocok.  Bagaimana  pendapat Anda?

            Wednesday 22 October 2008 (23 Shawwal 1429)

      Tabuk girl, 5, tortured to death by father
      Laura Bashraheel I Arab News 
      JEDDAH: Bayan, a five-year-old girl, died in Tabuk on Sunday after 
allegedly being tortured by her father.

      According to Col. Saleh Al-Harbi, official spokesman for the Tabuk 
police, the man, who is 32 years old, beat his daughter mercilessly with an 
electric cable a day before her death.

      "Apparently the man is suffering from psychological problems and he is 
also a drug addict," said Al-Harbi.

      Bayan and her two siblings, an eight-year-old brother and a nine-year-old 
sister, lived with their father after he divorced their mother three years ago. 

      The man's reason for beating his daughter was her persistent refusal to 
listen to him. 

      "The man's brother found his niece dead the next morning and immediately 
reported the matter to the police. The man was taken into custody for 
questioning," Al-Harbi told Arab News by phone. "Bayan was taken to the morgue 
of King Fahd General Hospital. More details will be revealed after an autopsy," 
he added. 

      The saga of child abuse seems to be unending in the Kingdom. Three days 
ago, Layla, a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly physically abused by her 
father, was admitted to King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital in Taif after 
suffering multiple injuries and acute renal complications. 

      A Saudi couple, convicted of killing their nine-year-old daughter Ghosun 
in 2006 after torturing her for a year, were executed in Makkah early this 

      Ghosun, Nashaat Ahmed Haji's daughter from a previous marriage, had been 
chained to a window sill and on one occasion she was denied food and water for 
three consecutive days. Haji hit the girl with his car while she was in the 
courtyard of the house. All this was done to get rid of the girl simply because 
he had suspicions that Ghosun was not his lawful daughter.

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