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Controversial cult leader Adnan Oktar, who is known for advocating creationism, 
concedes that Islam and Darwinism are compatible if evolution is seen as the 
work of Allah. Also, Oktar says he wants to make peace with well-known 
scientist Richard Dawkins, whose Web site Oktar claims insults his personality
Creationist Adnan Hoca's views evolving
Friday, September 26, 2008

ISTANBUL – Turkish Daily News

It is possible to be a good Muslim and a Darwinist at the same time, one of 
Turkey's devoted supporters of creationism, who earlier defined Darwinism as a 
�deception of Satan,� said at a press conference Wednesday.

The statement may not at first sound extraordinary. However, it came from 
controversial cult leader Adnan Oktar, who wrote over 200 books under the 
pseudonym Harun Yahya to prove that Darwinism was the biggest enemy of 
humankind and that the theory of evolution was false.

�It is possible to be a good Muslim and a Darwinist at the same time,� said 
Oktar, whose influence over a legion of young devotees peaked in the 1990s, at 
a makeover press conference Wednesday night. �We cannot criticize that person 
for following the ideas of Darwin. That person may say, �I believe Allah 
created us that way. Following Darwin's ideas does not excommunicate someone 
from Islam.'�

The new version of �Adnan Hoca� � as he is known by his followers � represented 
an evolution from his view just last May when he told an interviewer that Satan 
was behind Darwinism.

�Satan has deceived people by Darwinism,� he told a Reuters reporter. �In fact, 
nothing can be a product of coincidence, not you, not me, not an orange, not an 
apple, not Albert Einstein. This is just a deception of Satan … It is so 
obvious, but Darwinism was spread under the deception of Satan.�

Oktar has appeared recently in the Western media after he succeeded in having 
famous scientist Richard Dawkins's Web site banned in Turkey by a court 
decision, after complaining that its atheist content was blasphemous.

Oktar said he also complained against the Web site, www.richarddawkins.net, for 
publishing insults to his personality, using his legal right as a Turkish 

�I offered Dawkins to discuss it face to face, but he declined that. He said he 
swore not to talk to me,� said Oktar. �I am open to the ideas of scientists 
like Dawkins.�

In a book titled �Atlas of Creation,� which was printed in more than 10 
languages, Oktar aimed to prove creation was the real answer to existential 
questions and claimed, �Darwinist theorists had hidden the fossils that prove 
there has been no change in skeletons of certain animals.�

Oktar also said in the same book the reasons for 9/11 and World War II could be 
found in the influence of Darwinism. Tens of thousands of copies of the book 
have been delivered � on an unsolicited basis � to schools, prominent 
researchers and research institutes throughout Europe and the United States.

�I am at a loss to reconcile the expensive and glossy production values of this 
book (Atlas of Creation) with the �breathtaking inanity' of the content,� 
Dawkins wrote about the book in his article �Venomous Snakes, Slippery Eels and 
Harun Yahya,� published on his Web site. �Is it really inanity or is it just 
plain laziness � or perhaps cynical awareness of the ignorance and stupidity of 
the target audience � mostly Muslim creationists? And where does the money come 

Oktar, the leader of a devoted Muslim creationist and anti-Darwinist cult in 
Turkey, has always been a controversial figure.

Last May, Oktar was found guilty of creating an illegal organization for 
personal gain and was sentenced to three years imprisonment. He is appealing 
the decision. He was also taken into custody for 62 hours in 1991 by the 
Istanbul police on cocaine charges. He was later released and argued the 
incident was a conspiracy against him.

Oktar's publishing house has published dozens of books that have been 
distributed in more than 150 countries and have been translated into more than 
50 languages. But Turkish commentators say the group's books, numbering more 
than 200, are probably written by a pool of writers � a charge the author 


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