You, the little people, will be easy to 'smack down' 
Richard Macey
November 1, 2008

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ON THE eve of their executions, the Bali bombers have called for revenge 
against the West and have warned the US to expect defeat.

In separate letters on October 22, and posted on an Islamic website, Amrozi, 
Mukhlas and Imam Samudra have urged Muslims to attack non-believers.

Amrozi declared in his letter that every "fellow Muslim" needed to raise his 
hands "to offend the infidels and Thagut [non-believers] that wronged the 
Muslim, by cutting their necks [beheading]".

This, he warned, would be the only way to stop "their cruelty to us".

Samudra directed his letter to people in the West, suggesting they should not 
be surprised "if America, the so-called superpower, is beaten, almost dying," 
and it would lose "the war against the mujahideen".

"You, the little people, will be easy to 'smack down' by the mujahideen."

"You will be defeated in this world and will be taken to hell."

"Who doesn't know that the toothless giant, the US infidel and their allies, 
are now dying.

How can it be, Andi Matalata [Indonesia's Human Rights and Law Minister] . and 
all the judges from Bali do not understand this? Don't understand that America 
is 'klepek-klepek' [a slang word used to describe the death throes of an animal 
as it is slaughtered].

"You think, if you execute the three of us, you can walk freely, there's no 

Attacking corruption in Indonesia he wrote "you even have to pay if you want to 
be a civil servant, even bribe . so there's no way, man. Nothing is free. You 
can probably decide on the execution as ordered by your bosses but . ahem! The 
answer is, 'what you see' not 'what you hear'.

He completed his letter by writing, in large print, "Remember: there's not one 
free Muslim blood drop!"

The ABC reported the International Crisis Group's terrorism expert, Sidney 
Jones, as saying she was amazed that the bombers were still able to incite 
violence from their cells.

"I just think that if there's an increase in the security threat as the result 
of the executions, the Government is at least in part to blame for allowing 
these three men access to the media over and over and over again."

The mother of two of the Bali bombers says her sons were right to "kill 

Seventy-year-old Tariem was speaking in Tenggulun, East Java.

"I don't cry. I leave it all to God," she said as Amrozi and Mukhlas, two of 
her 13 children, waited for the firing squad.

"I feel that killing infidels isn't a mistake because they don't pray."

with AFP

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