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Bomb blasts injure 60 in Thailand

Three bomb blasts have injured more than 60 people in a restive state of 
southern Thailand, police say.

The explosions struck near a local government office and a teashop in the state 
of Narathiwat.

Police said suspected separatist insurgents were behind the attacks, but no 
group has claimed responsibility.

Narathiwat is one of the states worst affected by an insurgency in Thailand's 
Muslim majority south that has killed more than 2,700 people since 2004.

A car bomb appeared to target a meeting of village chiefs at a district 
government office, and was followed minutes later by the bomb at the teashop 
about 100m (yards) away.

Local hospitals said a number of the injuries are serious.

Small bomb blasts occur quite frequently in the south, but incidents on this 
scale are rare, says the BBC's Jonathan Head in Bangkok.

The explosions came a week after new Thai Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat 
visited the Muslim-majority southern districts and told reporters that the 
five-year-long insurgency appeared to have eased.

Thailand's three far southern provinces were an ethnic Malay sultanate until 
mainly Buddhist Thailand annexed the region in 1902.

The vast majority of people there are Muslim and speak a Malay dialect rather 
than Thai.

Violent puzzle

Officials have blamed Muslim insurgents for the violence in recent years, 
although analysts say criminal gangs seeking ascendancy over lucrative border 
trades are key players.

Efforts towards a military solution have foundered, and the military has been 
involved in tragic atrocities where scores of civilians have been killed.

Periodic claims by individuals that a ceasefire has been agreed, or talks on 
peace begun, have resulted in no discernible improvement in security on the 

The violence has ranged from drive-by shootings and bombings, to beheadings.

It appears to target both Buddhists and Muslims associated with the Thai state, 
such as police, soldiers, teachers and government officials.

It has continued largely unnoticed by the outside world, with individuals shot 
and killed by unknown assailants.

Reports quoted police saying that a religious teacher was shot dead in 
Narathiwat province on Monday night, and a man was killed later in a similar 
attack in nearby Pattani province.

No group has claimed responsibility for the violence.

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Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/11/04 08:21:58 GMT


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