Council of Clerics to Provide Assistance For Bali Bombers
Wednesday, 05 November, 2008 | 18:36 WIB 

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: Council of Indonesian Clerics (MUI) said on 
Wednesday it will prepare nine clerics to assist the three convicted Bali 
bombers in facing their execution.

A member of the Cilacap chapter of MUI Sahlan Natsir said "the regional 
Attorney's office of Cilacap have requested us to provide several clerics." 
Sahlan said beside himself some of the names preared by his organization were 
Dzul Basor, Hasan Makarim, Afrizal, Munasim, Amir Fattah, Mudasir, Hisyam Muni 
serta Haryadi. But Sahlan said a definite list of names is yet to be decided.

Hasan Makarim one of the senior clerics with MUI who is known close to one of 
the convicted bombers Amrozi Nurhasyim said he is also ready to assist the 
bombers although no written request was made on his assistance.

Aris Andrianto 

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