Nov 5, 2008 23:03 | Updated Nov 5, 2008 23:19 
Obama's chief of staff: Rahm Emanuel

President-elect Barack Obama on Wednesday offered the job of White House chief 
of staff to Democratic Congressman Rahm Emanuel, who reportedly accepted the 
offer. Emanuel is the Chicago-born son of a former Israeli. 

Obama, right, smiles as he listens to US Rep. Rahm Emanuel, during an 
unscheduled stop at the Chicago Sister Cities International Rally in Chicago in 
June 2008.
Photo: AP [file]

The 48-year-old Emanuel is a member of the Orthodox Jewish community of Chicago 
and grew up speaking Hebrew with his father, a pediatrician who was a member of 
the Irgun, the Jewish resistance group in Palestine, before the War of 
Independence in 1948. 

During the Gulf War in 1991, Emanuel came to Israel to serve as a civilian 

Emanuel was a senior advisor to Bill Cliton during his term in the White House 
and was first elected to Congress in 2002. 

In October 2002 Emanuel differentiated himself from all other Democratic 
members of the Illinois Congressional delegation by supporting the joint 
resolution authorizing the war in Iraq. 

Emanuel was named the Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee 
in 2005.

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