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Fountain of Youth: Drug Restores Muscles

By LiveScience Staff

posted: 04 November 2008 05:33 pm ET

A daily dose of an investigational medication has been found to restore muscle 
mass in the arms and legs of older adults and improve some of their 
biochemistry to levels found in healthy young adults, suggesting an 
anti-frailty drug has been found.

The drug, called MK-677, was evaluated for its safety and effectiveness in a 
study that showed the drug restored 20 percent of muscle mass loss associated 
with normal aging. In fact, levels of growth hormone (GH) and of insulin-like 
growth factor I (IGF- I) in healthy seniors who took the drug increased to the 
levels found in healthy young adults, said Michael O. Thorner, a professor of 
internal medicine and neurosurgery at the University of Virginia Health System. 

"Our study opens the door to the possibility of developing treatments that 
avert the frailty of aging," Thorner said. "The search for anti-frailty 
medications has become increasingly important because the average American is 
expected to live into his or her 80s, and most seniors want to stay strong 
enough to remain independent as they age."

Funded by the National Institutes of Health, the two-year, double-blind, 
placebo-controlled study involved 65 men and women ranging in age from 60 to 
81. The results are detailed in the Nov. 4, 2008, issue of the journal Annals 
of Internal Medicine.

The drug mimics the action of ghrelin, a peptide that stimulates a growth 
hormone called secretagogue receptor (GHSR). Drug developers are focusing on 
GHSR because it plays an important role in the regulation of growth hormone and 
appetite. They think it may prove to be an excellent treatment target for 
metabolic disorders such as those related to body weight and body composition.

Drugs found to work in early trials don't always hold up to further testing, 

The new research was a "proof-of-concept" study that sets the stage for a 
larger and longer clinical trial to determine whether MK-677 is effective in 
people who are frail and to assess its long-term safety.

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