Saudi child 'files for divorce' 
A court in Saudi Arabia is reported to be preparing to hear a plea for
divorce from an eight-year-old girl who has been married off to a man
in his 50s.  
The Saudi newspaper al-Watan said the girl had been married off to the man by 
her father without her knowledge. 
The child's mother is thought to be pushing for the marriage to be annulled - 
though the father opposes the move. 
In April, a court in neighbouring Yemen annulled the arranged marriage of 
another eight-year-old girl. 
She had been married to a 28-year-old man. 
Child-protection groups say children are often given away in return for
hefty dowries, or as a result of old customs in which a father promises
his infant daughters and sons to cousins out of a belief that marriage
will protect them from illicit relationships. 
Activists have called for an end to the practice. 
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/08/24 09:20:49 GMT


Jusfiq Hadjar gelar Sutan Maradjo Lelo

Allah yang disembah orang Islam tipikal dan yang digambarkan oleh al-Mushaf itu 
dungu, buas, kejam, keji, ganas, zalim lagi biadab hanyalah Allah fiktif.


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