Spritual Power & Politic Power
Mawlana Syaikh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani qs

Bismillahir Rohmaanir Rohim

As Muslims we have spiritual obligations as well as duties in this life. We 
must try to make a balance between the two. The spiritual exercises which you 
do for your Lord will give you energy for your practical life, that is if you 
can keep the power within you. It so easily escapes through your eyes, ears, 
speech and actions. It even runs away through our thoughts and through our 
hearts. We have so many holes which leak our spiritual power. The important 
part is not so much how we pray or meditate, it is essential to know how to 
keep the achieved spiritual power within you.

Everyone wants to get power. Politicians usually run after power most of all. 
They want to reach the climax of power. They all run on their own to get it. 
Once they have it they use it quickly and are drained just as fast. Whoever is 
supported spiritually will not waste power in such a way. Which is why all the 
sultans had spiritual leaders as supporters. They were in contact with them, 
they were listening to them and it made them successful. Nowadays politicians 
never listen to mystical advice, so they have no spiritual support and end up 
eating each other. It has no value. They call it democracy. It means that they 
take their power from the public, but that is not a firm base. The public is 
like an ocean, you cannot step on it, you will sink. 

All of them who want to be supported by the public are mistaken, because the 
public will never support a person forever. The public can be cheated or it can 
cheat. It can be cheated by politicians and in the same way be cheated by them. 
If someone relies on the public, he will lose everything. Clemenceau had the 
complete support of the French people. They were ready to die for him, that is 
the kind of hero he was. Then they stopped voting for him and he died out of 
sadness. He trusted the public! Take Churchill, he did his best during both 
wars for the English people and then finally they decided to take Chamberlain 
instead, so Churchill also died disappointed and sad.

Whenever a politician relies on the public, and does not catch a support from a 
spiritual person, he can be considered to be very stupid. He will not stay in 
power. ( Shaykh Maulana Nazim Al-Hakkani )

Wa min Allah at Tawfiq

wasalam, arief hamdani


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