11/09/08 15:32

Threat of Amrozi et al against President Susilo fanned out in Canada

Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - A terror threat to kill President Susilo Bambang 
Yudhoyono, Vice President Yusuf Kalla and Attorney General Hendarman Supandji 
to be committed by Amrozi et al through a letter of their will was put on 
display for the first time in a server of teknologi toronto in Canada.

"The server on the threat for the first time emerged in Canada. The sender 
could also be an Indonesian who has possibly rented the server," Roy Suryo said 
in the launching of a book on A Road to Prosperous Nation of Indonesia, here on 

According to him, the content of Amrozi et al's will was written in Arabic 
language with its translation in English.

"I doubt it in the sense whether it really belongs to Amrozi et al or not," he 

The reason behind the letter of their will was read out after the three Bali 
Bombing I convicts were executed by a fire squad on the wee hours of Sunday.

"Why was Amrozi et al's will fanned out after his execution," he said.

"If it is true, it means someone should have leaked the content of Amrozi et 
al's will. If the content turns out to be different, it means that another 
party intentionally is trying to manipulate this situation," an expert on 
telematic, Roy Suryo, said.

He said that the finding of that server was already reported to the police and 
the intelligence agency to make a cross-check of the server.

For more information, Roy Suryo said on Friday, August 22, 2008, Indonesian 
Council of Ulemas Chairman of Cilacap chapter Hasan Makarim during a Friday 
prayer met with Muchlas who then gave him the letter of their will.

Mukhlas told Hasan Makarim to open the letter concerned after the execution.

"If the server happens to be same with the content of Amrozi et al's will, it 
means that someone has leaked the letter concerned. But if the contents is 
different, someone is trying to put the family with their team of lawyers at 
odd with the government," Roy Suryo said.(*)


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