WAH, seru nih kalo bener bhw pemain porn video yg beredar di ponsels di
Jombang adalah siswa2 dari sebuah Madrassah.

Gabriela Rantau

Jombang police nab student over porn video
The Jakarta Post                |  Thu, 11/13/2008 10:06 PM  |  National
The Jombang Police arrested a high-school boy Thursday for having a
digital video deemed pornographic in his mobile phone, Antara newswire

The boy was taken into custody at his school, SMA Negeri 3, during class
hours and later taken to the police station. The police were in the
school conducting a raid after receiving public complaints about a
digital pornographic video making the rounds on mobile phones at the

During the raid, police asked students to leave their classes and
assemble in the school's playing field, where police told them to submit
their phones for inspection. The whole process was fully assisted by the

Some students said that individuals recorded in the digital video were
students of a local Muslim high school, Madrasah Aliyah Negeri.

Jombang Police public order head Sugeng Widodo said the raid was
necessary to curb public outcry over the distribution of the video.

"We conducted raids in this school and others so this problem would not
hamper school activities," he said. (and)

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