Havana.  November 13, 2008

      Children are the number one health priority in Cuba

      Anneris Ivette Leyva

      ONE of the factors that has increased the total of Cuban children 
reaching pre-school age to 99% is the systematic labor of the 3,000 
pediatricians and 600 neonatal specialists working throughout the country, 
according to Fernando Domínguez Dieppa, president of the Cuban Pediatrics 
Society and organizer of the 26th National Pediatrics Conference that began 
yesterday in Havana. 

      Congenital diseases and cancer are the principal conditions affecting the 
remaining percentage of under-fives and for that reason, specialists from this 
sector are increasingly concentrating on preventative measures. 

      To continue reducing, or at least maintaining, the very low infant 
mortality rate - 5.3 for every 1,000 live births last year - is one of the 
objectives of children's doctors in Cuba, who are meeting to have in-depth 
discussions on childhood illnesses and treatment for neonatal and pediatric 

      At the opening of the Congress, the participants sent greetings to Fidel, 
described by members of the Cuban Pediatrics Society as their historic 


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