Refleksi: Diberitakan oleh Talibah sewaktu masih berkuasa di Afghanistan bahwa 
Mullah  Omar memiliki jubah Nabi Muhammad.\11\23\story_23-11-2008_pg1_11

Saudia offers asylum to Mullah Omar

 * Spiegel report says offer made at the request of Afghan President Hamid 
Karzai and US President George W Bush 

BERLIN: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has offered political asylum to Taliban 
leader Mullah Mohammad Omar, German weekly Der Spiegel reported on Saturday. 
The offer had been pushed by US President George W Bush and Afghan President 
Hamid Karzai, the magazine said in an advance report from its Monday edition, 
quoting government sources in Kabul. It did not give further details.

A Saudi Foreign Ministry official was not available for comment. 

Saudi Arabia hosted a meeting between pro-government Afghan officials and 
former Taliban officials in September for discussions on how to end the 
worsening conflict in Afghanistan. 

An Afghan government official said on Wednesday Afghan government 
representatives and former members of the Taliban were expected to meet in 
Saudi Arabia soon for a second round of talks.

The official said Karzai, King Abdullah and Pakistani President Asif Ali 
Zardari had discussed the initiative on the sidelines of a UN conference in New 
York this month.

Omar is suspected to be hiding in the mountainous areas along the Pak-Afghan 

Karzai has said he will guarantee the safety of Omar if he wants to talk peace. 


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