Adolf Hitler was mentally unbalanced because he had only one testicle

The man, who saved the life of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in 1916, unveiled the 
shocking truth about German Fuhrer's health. The military medic said that 
Hitler had only one testicle. 

            Adolf Hitler was mentally unbalanced because he had only one 
Johan Jambor, a war veteran, shared the secret of Hitler's intimate anatomy 
with a Catholic priest many years ago, and the latter wrote down his words. The 
document saw the light 23 years after Johan's death in 1985. 

The unveiled note says that Johan was confessing to priest Franciszek Pawlar 
and relived the horrors of WWI. The medic particularly confessed that he had 
saved the life of Adolf Hitler many years ago. 

"It happened in 1916, during the Battle of the Somme. Johan and his friends 
were picking up injured soldiers for several hours. Johan Jambor remembers that 
he found Hitler among them. They called him the Screamer. He was very noisy and 
was constantly screaming 'help!' His abdomen and legs were all covered with 
blood. Hitler was wounded in the stomach and lost one testicle in the fight. As 
soon as he saw the doctor, he immediately asked him: "Will I be able to have 
children?" the priest's note runs. 

When Nazis came to power in Germany, Johan Jambor began to suffer from 
nightmares. He felt guilty of having saved the life of the tyrant who 
exterminated millions of innocent people. 

The rumors of Hitler's monorchism (a medical term designating the absence of 
one testicle) are not new at all. There is even a song about such a peculiarity 
of Hitler's genitals. The lyrics are: 

"Hitler has only got one ball, Göring has two but very small, Himmler is 
somewhat sim'lar, But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all. Hitler has only 
got one ball, The other is on the kitchen wall, His mother, the dirty b--r, 
Chopped it off when he was small." 

The song was long reputed to be propaganda-oriented, although military reports 
confirm that Hitler had been wounded in the groin indeed during the Battle of 
the Somme. The official biographers of the Nazi leader mention the leg wound 
too. They even specify the date when it happened - October 16. 

Johan Jambor's statement is the first publicized confession of an individual 
who personally examined Hitler. 

Specialists say that Hitler's intimate injury could seriously affect his mental 

As a rule, men suffer a huge stress if they have their genitals injured. Such 
traumas may often trigger the inferiority complex, which men may try to 
compensate in other spheres of life. The absence of one testicle does not 
affect the health of a man: one testicle can perfectly execute all of its 
functions alone. 

It is an open secret that Hitler could never boast of having robust health. 
Biographers note that he was most likely weak as far as his potency was 
concerned. The Fuhrer would often cross his hands over his crotch in public as 
if he tried to hide his intimate zone from other people's looks. Psychologists 
say that such gestures are typical of those men who have problems with their 



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