Moro Islamic Organizations Visit Poso
Sunday, 23 November, 2008 | 22:58 WIB 

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: A team representing people from muslim dominated 
region of Moro in Southern Philippines visited the conflict area of Poso in 
Central Sulawesi this weekend. The team consisting of seven people representing 
islamic education institutions and organizations in Moro held several meeting 
including with the senior clerics in the region.

The visit was facilitated by the Jakarta Islamic State University and delegates 
from the Philippines arrived inhe region on Friday. On Sunday the Civil Society 
Empowerment Institute facilitate the meeting between the group and local senior 
clerics, where the sies discussed on the history of conflict in Moro and Poso 
and and conflict resolution in Poso. Head of the philippines delegation Ismael 
Mastura of Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy said after the meeting that their 
visit would hopefully collect several references in solving the Moro conflict. 
The group then visited the Hidayatullah islamic school in Gebang Rejo, Poso.

Poso interreligious conflict which killed over 500 people began in late 1998 
which reemerged in mid 2000, the government initiated a peace pact between the 
opposing sides in 2001.

Muhammad Darlis 

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