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      November 29, 2008 

Dutch codicology expert Witkam travels to Iran
Tehran Times Culture Desk

TEHRAN -- Dutch professor Jan Just Witkam, master of codicology and paleography 
of the Islamic world is currently in Tehran by invitation from Ali-Akbar 
Velayati, Head of the Islamic Civilization Committee. 

Professor Witkam who arrived in Tehran last week held a workshop on codicology 
on Wednesday at the venue of the National Library of Iran, which experts and 
university teachers as well as a group of students and researchers attended. 

He also met with researchers at Tehran's Miras-e Maktub Institute on Tuesday, 
and is planning to attend several other cultural meetings. 

Professor Witkam teaches archaeology at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of 
the University of Leiden, the Netherlands. 

He has also moderates the Islamic manuscripts website which provides 
inventories of major manuscript collections and a wealth of other information 
related to Islamic manuscripts. 

The website includes recent inventories of the Oriental manuscripts collections 
at Leiden University and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences


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