Sementara itu orang Islam terus saling berbunuhandi Pakistan...

Monday, December 01, 2008 
11:14  Mecca time, 08:14  GMT     
Car bomb kills several in Pakistan   
suicide car-bomber has killed at least eight people in an attack aimed
at a military checkpost in northwest Pakistan's Swat Valley, officials
have said.
Monday's attack follows a surge in violence in
Pakistan's north west, where al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters are stepping
up attacks on security forces. "The
attacker was riding in a car packed with explosives. He blew up the car
a few hundreds metres before the checkpost," said one of the military
officials in the valley, who declined to be identified.
Seven civilians who happened to be passing by at the time were killed, as well 
as one soldier, the official said.  
At least 49 people were injured in the attack, the AFP news agency reported.

on Monday, two drivers of lorries transporting supplies to Western
forces in Afghanistan were killed in a grenade and gun attack near the
Pakistani city of Peshawar, a transport company official said. 

Raging fire

lorries were parked at a terminal on the outskirts of Peshawar when the
fighters fired rocket-propelled grenades at them, setting some of them
on fire, police said.
"When the fire was raging, the
attackers started firing and two drivers were killed," Mohammad Haroon,
an official of Al-Faisal Cargo, a private company involved in taking
supplies to Afghanistan, told the Reuters news agency.
in Pakistan have stepped up attacks on supplies going through northwest
Pakistan's Khyber Pass, a vital supply link for foreign troops in
landlocked Afghanistan.
The US military sends 75 per cent of
supplies for the Afghan war through or over Pakistan, including 40 per
cent of the fuel for its troops, the US defence department says.
are only two major routes into Afghanistan from the Pakistani port of
Karachi, one through the Khyber Pass and the other through the town of
Chaman to the southwest, the gateway to the southern Afghan city of
Pakistani authorities halted movement of supplies
through the Khyber Pass for a week in November after fighters hijacked
13 lorries carrying supplies for Western forces.  
 Source: Agencies   
Jusfiq Hadjar gelar Sutan Maradjo Lelo

Allah yang disembah orang Islam tipikal dan yang digambarkan oleh al-Mushaf itu 
dungu, buas, kejam, keji, ganas, zalim lagi biadab hanyalah Allah fiktif.


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