Monday 1 December 2008 (03 Dhul Hijjah 1429

      Heavily indebted man pawns his daughter
      Abdulaziz Abdulwahid | Arab News 
      AL-JOUF: A Saudi man in the northern city of Tabuk pawned his 
three-year-old daughter to a man from Jeddah and then reported her missing to 
police, local newspapers said yesterday.

      Police searched for the girl for three days and then became suspicious 
after the father failed to follow up on the case. Their suspicions increased 
when the girl's mother told them that the disappearance coincided with the 
departure of a guest from Jeddah who stayed with the family for two days.

      Police investigated the case and learned that the father pawned his 
daughter to his creditor, whom he owed SR20,000, as a form of guarantee that he 
would repay the debt.

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