Kerjaan orang Islam lagi..?

Kayaknya nggak ada petunjuk  ke arah itu.


Tuesday, December 02, 2008 
13:35  Mecca time, 10:35  GMT     
Explosion rips through India train   
people have been killed and more than 30 wounded after a blast ripped
through a  passenger train in India's northeastern state of Assam,
police officials said.

A police spokesman said on Tuesday the
explosion went off as the train was stopped at a railway station about
300km east of Assam's main city of Guwahati. One person died on the spot and 
two succumbed to their injuries at a local hospital.
"There are a large number of women and children among the casualties," the 
spokesman said.
No one has claimed responsibility yet for the attack.

Separatist rebels are often blamed for attacks in Assam state, a region wracked 
by violence over the past few decades.
But co-ordinated bomb blasts in Assam in October, which killed at
least 77 people, were blamed on attackers from neighbouring Bangladesh
in league with separatists.  
 Source: Agencies   
Jusfiq Hadjar gelar Sutan Maradjo Lelo

Allah yang disembah orang Islam tipikal dan yang digambarkan oleh al-Mushaf itu 
dungu, buas, kejam, keji, ganas, zalim lagi biadab hanyalah Allah fiktif.


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