RAMAI Muslims senang mengirimkan article mengenai orang Kristian yang masuk 
Islam. Menuruti aku ini ialah bukti bahawa ramai orang Islam tak percaya ke 
diri sendiri dan musti mendapatkan dukungan dari orang2 kafir yang kemudian 
menjadi mualaf. BTW di USA ada statistic yang mengatakan bahawa yang terbanyak 
menjadi mualaf ialah orang2 Afro-American yang ada di jel (penjara). Sebahagian 
besar daripada mereka ini ialah losers yang tertipu oleh imam2 Islam yang 
antara lain mengatakan bahawa Muhammad ialah orang kulit hitam! (Muhammad dan 
ramai orang Arab sampai hari ini memanggil orang berkulit hitam sebagai 'ABD' 
yang maknanya budak.

Muslim seperti jenis ini tidak bolih mengakui bahawa di banyak negeri termasuk 
Malaysia, Sudan, Nigeria, dan juga Indonesia jumlah orang Islam yang 
meninggalkan Islam, ertinya murtad itu jauh lebih banyak daripada orang 
non-Muslim yang menjadi mualaf.

Di beberapa negeri di Malaysia  beratus ribu Muslim yang merayu Kot di negeri 
itu guna catitan ugama di Kad Pengenal dirubah dari Islam menjadi ugama lain. 
Tetapi kot ugama di Malaysia tak mengabulkan rayuan itu, kerana menuruti kot 
ugama satu kali seorang menjadi Islam dia tak bolih murtad kecuali dia mati. 
[Saye jadi teringat akan ayat Qur'an yang cakap bahawa 'Tidak ada paksaan dalam 

Umat berugama Hindu. Buddha, Kristian tak peduli sama ada seseorang masuk atau 
keluar dari ugama mereka kerana ugama ialah urusan pribadi dan Tuhan!

Gabriela Rantau

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A Canadian Sister’s Guidance
by: Admin
Bismillahi Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
I testify that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger.
As a women born and raised in a very multi-cultural Canadian city I was always 
a very open-minded and excepting individual. I always believed that we were 
made equal and that people should have equal opportunity to practice whatever 
religion they wanted, whether Catholic, Muslim, atheist…etc. My parents raised 
me as a Roman Catholic, my father, taking my younger brother and I to church. 
My parents enrolled us into Sunday school for several years; however, we both 
went to public school during the week. As the years passed I fulfilled all my 
obligations as a Roman Catholic, from baptism to first communion, confession 
and confirmation. By the time I was 10 we stopped going to Church all together. 
Still, I always felt a close bond with God, saying my prayers at night before 
sleeping and always asking for guidance. All in all though my family wasn’t 
that religious, we never read religious texts together and we only spoke of God 
on rare occasions.
Throughout high school, like most kids in America, I frequented the bars and 
dated. It is clear to me now that I went this path because of lack of guidance 
in our predominantly secularly led society. My family wasn’t talking to me 
about God, nor my friends, nor my teachers, I only felt his presence in my 
heart. Also like most American kids my parents could not find it in them to 
stay together, they got a divorce when I was 13. This was a very difficult time 
for my family, however, it was during this difficult time that I became even 
closer to God, (this is in contrast to my younger brother who began to lose his 
faith, may Allah guide him to the truth.) I can remember during that time in my 
life constantly asking God for guidance, for help, at many times I felt lost 
and would cry. I was looking for answers but didn’t really know how. I would 
read parts in my little bible that were supposed to help in times of despair, 
sadness..etc. I didn’t know it
 then but it would be 7 years before the answers would be revealed to me, with 
many trials and tribulations between.
My father eventually remarried and his new wife had a son and a daughter who 
are like family to my younger brother and I. I always had a very good 
relationship with my parents, however I could not seem to set aside my 
differences with my mothers boyfriend and at 18 I moved out to go live with my 
stepbrother, not far from work or school. By the age of 19 I was enrolled to go 
to University majoring in Human Rights and Political Science. Eight months 
after moving in with my brother I decided to move in with three girlfriends of 
mine, again, not far from my school. I began going to a Roman Catholic Church 
by myself every Sunday and I also began to read the Bible.
Soon after I moved in I met a very wonderful man who was just a few years older 
than me. We became friends, talking on the phone or going out to play pool 
together with a group. He was an Italian/Lebanese Muslim who had moved to 
Canada 7 years prior to us meeting. At first we never really spoke about 
religion. He asked me if I believed in God, I said yes, that was that for a 
while. Then I became curious and would ask him questions about Islam, at the 
time I knew nothing of Islam, our conversations would usually end when I would 
disagree with him about certain things. (Mainly I would disagree that Jesus 
wasn’t God’s son, may Allah forgive me for being blind.) Nonetheless time 
passed and our relationship grew, he asked if I would be his girlfriend and I 
said yes. During the first year of our relationship I began reading the 
translation of the Holy Qu’ran on the Internet at my work. Over a number of 
months I read it over several times and I couldn’t
 help but believe the words that I was reading, there were no confusing or 
conflicting words or teachings like in the Bible, only truth. At first I 
thought, could this be? Could all that I learnt previously in the Catholic 
religion be wrong? It didn’t take long for that question to be answered. I 
would cry when I read the Holy Qu’ran because I knew that God was answering all 
my prayers, he had shone his light on little old me, Al Humduli’Lah. As I 
continued to read the Holy Qu’ran I felt also like Allah was opening my eyes 
for the first time. One day I decided in my heart that I wanted to become a 
Muslim, I told my boyfriend to his surprise and happiness, at first he was a 
little skeptical, he wanted to be sure that I was not becoming Muslim for him. 
By that time Al Humduli’Lah I understood what I was doing and that I was doing 
it solely for Allah and my own soul, that I was returning to the truth in which 
I was born (fitrah). I am eternally
 grateful for Allah’s guidance and ask him to guide me back to him everyday, 
without it I am surely lost.
My decision to start wearing the hijab came only about 6 months after I became 
Muslim did I start wearing the hijab. I feel very good every time I step 
outside wearing it. I can remember only a few years ago thinking that the women 
who wore hijabs were oppressed but now I see it as the opposite, I see it as 
liberating, a sort of right to be dignified if you will, and just another way 
to please Allah.
My eyes have never been more open to who we are as human beings, where we came 
from, where we’re going and the importance of worship and what that word really 
means. Even now as I read other convert stories I get chills and my eyes well 
with tears. It’s just so powerful! I have a whole new perspective on life, I 
see us as but one of Allah’s many creations who he wants to obey him; like a 
flower that grows as he wishes, blows in the wind the way he wills so does 
every human physically obey him (their heart beats until he causes it to stop, 
their lungs breath…), but the thing that sets us apart from all of his other 
creations is that he gave us a will, a will to believe or not, a will to pray 
or not and he gave us guidance through all the Prophets, the last of who is the 
Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. I anxiously await the time 
when my husband (we’ve since been married!) and I will be ready and able 
Insha’Allah to raise our
 children as Muslims, the first in a long line of my descendents to know the 
truth! I always knew the importance of education in order to gain a good job to 
support my children; now that I have found Islam I can support them in the 
material sense as well as the psychological sense!
With regards to my family. There have been different reactions. Mainly they 
don’t like to talk about it, I can tell in their hearts that they wish that I 
hadn’t become Muslim but that is only because they do not understand. I will 
pray to Allah everyday to guide them so that we can be together in the next 
life Insha’Allah.

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