Indonesia dengan segala kekayaan alamnya bisa disebut milyuner, dan australia 
yg penghasilan utamanya dari domba, bisa disebut gembala. Lha kok gembala 
minjemin duit ke milyuner?

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Subject: [zamanku] One Billion

We've got $1 billion you can have, PM tells Indonesia
December 10, 2008 - 12:19PM

(Jangan sampai ditilep itu $1 billion)

NUSA DUA, Bali - Australia will provide $1 billion to Indonesia as a 
stand-by loan to help tackle the global financial crisis if it's needed, 
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says.

Rudd has held bilateral talks with his Indonesian counterpart Susilo Bambang 
Yudhoyono in Bali, on the sidelines of a democracy forum the two men are 

Among the plethora of issues discussed was a facility for a stand-by loan if 
needed by Indonesia.

Indonesia is also seeking potential assistance from Japan, the European 
Union, the Asia Development Bank and the World Bank.

"The scope ... of our proposed participation is in the vicinity of $1 
billion," Rudd told reporters in Bali.

"Australia will of course act as a friend and good neighbour of Indonesia as 
we have done in the past, a decade ago, providing a financial facility of 
around $1 billion in a different financial crisis.

"This is the sort of thing good friends and good neighbours should do to 
help one another in times of global financial crisis."

Indonesia's president thanked Australia for its support.

"The ... thanks is for the provision of a stand-by loan for Indonesia if 
needed in case, or if the financial situation in Indonesia requires it," 
Yudhoyono said.

Rudd also announced $A3 million towards a new Institute for Peace and 
Democracy in Bali, which is aimed at fostering democracy in the Asia 

The new institute works alongside the Bali Democracy Forum, and will 
organise workshops and research on democratic processes.



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