Bila berita ini akurat, maka kelakuan teroris itu sesuai belaka dengan contoah 
yang diberikan nabi Muhamamd yang menurut hadits dan sirah nabi adalah juga 
kepala gerombolan perampok dan penyamun.. 

Islam itu, saya bilagn dan saya ulang adalah ajaran yang hanya pantas untuk  
anjing liar dan binatang buas ....


IMF Boss On Global Recovery Date
Mumbai attackers also 'thieves'

Monday, December 15 11:20 am

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Militants who attacked Mumbai, killing 179 people, also stole from their 
victims, police said. Skip related content
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Mumbai attackers also 'thieves'
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Stolen credit cards, money and mobile telephones were found on the bodies of 
the nine gunmen killed by police during the three-day siege in Mumbai.

A tenth gunmen survived and was captured by police.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Hasan Gafoor said: "We have no idea what they were 
planning to do with the money and cards, but it just speaks a lot more about 
their evil nature and the fact that criminals love stealing money and cards."

The attack has soured relations between neighbours India and Pakistan.

India has blamed the banned Pakistan-based group Lashkar-e-Taiba for the 
attacks and called on Islamabad to do more to stamp out groups that operate 
from its soil.

The gunmen took scores of guests hostage and battled commandos inside two 
luxury Mumbai hotels.

"They took quite a few credit cards and a lot of money," Mr Gafoor said.

"Since they are all dead, we can only presume that they liked the more 
colourful (credit cards) and took them."

The tenth gunman, identified as Pakistani Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, told police he 
had lived a life of petty crime before coming in contact with Lashkar-e-Taiba 
in the city of Rawalpindi, according to reports of his statement to police.

Kasab was captured before reaching either of the hotels.

The gunmen also took mobile phones from hostages. Some of them then used the 
phones to call an Indian television channel and to speak with their bosses in 
Pakistan, police said.

Security experts said the gunmen had criminal backgrounds.

Security expert Major General Ashok Mehta said: "They all belong to ordinary 
families and they were out of there early to make quick money until they got 
indoctrinated into jihadi activities."

The gunmen also set off bombs inside the two hotels, causing significant damage.

The 105-year-old Taj Mahal hotel will reopen this week, its owner has said. The 
hotel has set up a welfare trust for victims.

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