***Islam is as strong as a rock and it does not need anyone to defend 
it,it's only the malays who are weak . 

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Does Islam Need to be Defended? 
Posted by admin 
Monday, 15 December 2008 12:53 

Those who, stand either individually or in clumps, and claim that 
they are defending Islam do not trust in Allah and thereby blaspheme. 
Let us consider some of the more relevant and obvious repercussions 
of accepting Allah as the "The Originator of the heavens and the 
earth!" (Surah 6:101) which is basically this Universe, and the many 
billion other universes out there, all that space, and clutter in 

We, in truth, don't even make up an atom of a grain of sand in the 
entire scheme of things. And those are just His creations - so, in 
truth, we will never be able to even comprehend Allah. Whoever claims 
they do, makes false claims to godhood. 

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