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Gazans fear Israel using phosphorus

Human Rights Watch said it was clear Israel had fired shells containing white 

Doctors in Gaza City have told Al Jazeera that people have been admitted 
suffering burns consistent with the use of the controversial chemical white 

Human rights campaigners say that Israeli forces have used the munition, which 
can burn away human flesh to the bone, over Gaza City and Jabaliya in recent 

Al Jazeera's Ayman Mohyeldin, reporting from the Shifa hospital in Gaza City, 
said: "Doctors here say they are seeing unprecedented levels of deep burns.

"They cannot categorically say that white phosphorus is being used, they are 
saying that the munitions being dropped are unprecendented."

Residents in densely-packed Jabaliya have described Israeli forces exploding 
shells that drop scores of burning fragments and spread suffocating smoke.

"Its the first time we see this type of weapon, it must be new and its seems 
like its phosphorous," one resident told Al Jazeera.

"Its suffocating and has a deadly poisonous smell that I am sure will cause a 
lot of sickness and disease on all of the civilians here," he said.

Another witness said she saw "... a bright flash and then all of these sparks 
fell on our area ... landing all around us and in our homes. Our mattresses 
caught on fire".

Law 'violated'

The use of the munition in densely-populated areas violates the requirement 
under international humanitarian law for all feasible precautions to be taken 
to avoid civilian injury and loss of life, Human Rights Watch said.


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International law permits the use of white phosphorus in order to cover troop 
movements and prevent enemies from using certain guided weapons.

Marc Garlasco, a senior military analyst at the human rights group told Al 
Jazeera on Saturday that he had watched Israeli ground forces using white 

"Clearly it is [white phosphorus], we can tell by the explosions and the 
tendrils that go down [and] the fires that were burning," he said.

"Today there were massive attacks in Jabaliya when we were there. We saw that 
there were numerous fires once the white phosphorus had gone in.

"We went by Israeli artillery units that had white phosphorus rounds with the 
fuses in them."

Major Avital Leibovich, an Israeli military spokeswoman, told Al Jazeera that 
the Israeli army was "using munitions with accordance to international law".

"The policy of the IDF [Israeli Defence Force] is to not specify the types of 
munition, we have not done it before and we will not do it now."

Mark Regev, the Israeli government spokesman, said he was unable to confirm or 
deny whether the military was using the chemical, but that Israel did not use 
munitions that were banned under international law.

"I don't have the knowledge of the detail of what ammunition we are using. I 
can only know for a fact that Israel uses no ammunition that is outlawed under 
conventions and that Nato forces would not use in a similar combat situation," 
he told Al Jazeera.

Israel used white phophorus during its 34-day war against Lebanon's Hezbollah 
movement in 2006, while the United States used it during the controversial 
siege of the Iraqi city of Fallujah in 2004.
 Source:     Al Jazeera and agencies
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sabiha khan
Kenya     11/01/2009
are we not human?????
it is so sad to see poor little children and innocent civilians of gaza dying.i 
mean what have the little children done to deserve such painfull deaths,to see 
their own parents dying infront of them,to see their very own siblings dying.no 
human has the right to kill another human.to all those killing innocent people 
just remember God i watching you.

paul stevens
United States     11/01/2009
Hamas now wants rules of engagement? Sounds to me they kinda wish they had 
followed the rules all along . Maybe Iran should take a real good look at what 
is going on. They are next. One thing on Iran's side is they have an educated 
population of people that will get rid of the nut job ruining they're country.

United Kingdom     11/01/2009
Israel Uses Phosporous
Murderers! purely and simply , thats what isaraelis are. Israel cowardly using 
chemical warfare, when they know they cannot defeat the spirit of conviction of 
the hamas and palestinian people.

Netherlands Antilles     11/01/2009
There is a HUGE difference between the use of phosphorus against terrorists and 
Grads loaded with nails and bearing balls to maim innocent children

United Kingdom     11/01/2009
why do the un just watch this cruelty they know what damage it causes they 
should be ashamed of them selves i would give up my life to save my brothers 
and sister

Anna Shane
United States     11/01/2009
Phosphorus ...
I share in this shame, the US did the same thing, where is Princess Di when we 
need her. This needs to be addressed by an enormous public outcry. I think they 
use these weapons to 'blind' snipers, and save individual soldiers. That should 
have been yet one more reason to refrain from waging war an an already 
'defeated' people.

Canada     11/01/2009
Gaza conflict
The conflict in Gaza is not about who is right or who is wrong, just or unjust, 
good or evil. It is not a conflict between equals. It is a conflict between the 
strong and the weak. The strong dominates and takes what it wants and the weak 
either yields or gets destroyed. It has always been, is and will be this way: 
the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must. Between the 
strong and the weak, might is right. Who is just or unjust, good or evil only 
apply between equals.

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