Eyewitness: Tanks surround us 
The Israeli army has stepped up its military offensive in Gaza. The
BBC's Rushdi Abou Alouf is in Gaza City, and he gave us this account.    
Last night at about 10 o'clock Gaza time, tanks and Israeli armoured
personnel started to move into a very high populated neighbourhood
called Tel al-Hawa, south-west of Gaza City. 
The tanks are surrounding the place right now and there is heavy fighting 
ongoing between fighters and Israeli army. 
We have seen fighters from our balcony, running and firing rockets. 
The tanks are firing back into a residential area where thousands of families 
are living. 
People are suffering, people are screaming from their balconies,
calling for help. They are calling for someone to evacuate them. 
I'm inside a tower with about five or six families. We are stuck inside the 
building, the tanks are outside. 
Two or three Israeli tank shells have hit the building, but no-one here has 
been hurt. 
It's been 14 hours now since this building had electricity. There is no 
electricity in the neighbourhood. 
There was some hope here when Hamas said that they had accepted the Egyptian 
But then they said they had not accepted the initiative yet, and tanks started 
to move. 
Where we are here, it's so far away from initiatives and diplomacy. 
Outside people are starving, they need this war to be stopped, they are calling 
on someone to intervene and stop this war. 

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2009/01/15 09:35:56 GMT


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