Sunday, January 18, 2009 
15:53  Mecca time, 12:53  GMT     
News Middle East  
Hamas and allies declare ceasefire   
and their allied Palestinian factions have announced an immediate
one-week ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, giving Israel a week to pull out
of the territory.
The move on Sunday comes a day after Israel called a unilateral
truce, ending its 22-day offensive in Gaza which led to the deaths of
1,203 Palestinians.  Palestinian
factions have continued to fire rockets into southern Israel since the
beginning of the offensive, killing 13 Israelis, including three
They have also been fighting Israel's ground forces which enterd the Gaza Strip 
in the second week of the offensive.
An end to rocket fire from the Gaza Strip into Israel was the stated aim of the 
Israeli offensive.  
 Source: AL Jazeera and agencies   
Jusfiq Hadjar gelar Sutan Maradjo Lelo

Allah yang disembah orang Islam tipikal dan yang digambarkan oleh al-Mushaf itu 
dungu, buas, kejam, keji, ganas, zalim lagi biadab hanyalah Allah fiktif.


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