Friday, February 06, 2009 
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Turkey probes Gaza 'war crimes'   
Protests against the Israeli assault on Gaza 
took place almost daily across Turkey [AFP]    A
Turkish prosecutor has launched an investigation into whether Israel
committed genocide and crimes against humanity in its offensive in
Gaza, his office has said.
The investigation follows a complaint lodged by the human rights association 
Mazlum-Der against several top Israeli officials. The
officials against whom allegations have been levelled are Shimon Peres,
the Israeli president, Ehud Olmert, the prime minister, Tzipi Livni,
the foreign minister, Ehud Barak, the defence minister, and Gabi
Ashkenazi, the army chief of staff.
"Every complaint merits an investigation," the spokesman told AFP news agency 
on Friday when asked whether a probe had been launched into Mazlum-Der's  
Turkish law, prosecutors are obliged to look into all complaints to
determine whether there are grounds to initiate a full-scale
investigation that could lead to formal charges.
If the prosecutor decides the complaint does not merit a case, it will be 
In its petition, Mazlum-Der
accused Israel of carrying out "direct attacks on civilians with the
aim of annihilating them" and employing internationally-banned weapons
in the process.
"The suspects, who wanted to wipe out the
Palestinian people through systematic attacks, have committed genocide
and crimes against humanity," it said, demanding that the suspects be
detained if they enter Turkey.
Turkish law allows for the
trial of people accused of genocide or crimes against humanity even if
the crimes were committed abroad.
Israel's 22-day offensive last month on Hamas-controlled Gaza left more than 
1,300 Palestinians dead and injured 5,300 others.
Turkey, one of the few Muslim allies of Israel, strongly criticised
the assault on Gaza  amid almost daily anti-Israel demonstrations
across the country.  
 Source: Agencies   
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