Humans to live for 120 years and communicate with aliens in 2114 

Humans will eat artificial meat, drink desalted water and live up to 120 years 
in the near future. Science fiction novelist Vladimir Streletsky made the list 
of the future achievements of mankind. The writer selected predictions of most 
renowned futurologists, prophets and scientists' plans for his work. 
Streletsky's future looks quite probable, although a bit frightening. 

2009-2025: Android robots will be used in industrial production; 

2010: Scientists will finally prove that the human soul exists after death; 

2010 - 2012: Countries of Europe , America and the Pacific region will unite 
into large regional blocks. A Russian-Chinese space rover will perform a 
successful landing on the Moon; 

2011: Vaccine against AIDS will be invented; 

2011-2023: The Middle East will put a strong demographic pressure on Europe; 
the number of immigrants will grow considerably. Democracy will run into deep 
crisis in Europe and the United States - their leaders will switch to 
authoritarian methods of ruling; 

2012: Intellect-enhancing pills will be synthesized. 

2013: Man will build the first plantation to grow artificial meat; 

2015-2025: Radioactive wastes will be removed from Earth and launched into 

2016: The world will begin to run out of oil reserves; 

2022: Man will land on Mars; 

2025: The beginning of the global water crisis. About two-thirds of the 
planet's population will suffer from a strong lack of drinking water. Many 
sea-bordering countries will build special works to desalt sea water. 
Scientists will learn to extend human life to 120 years. 

2026: Artificial intelligence will be created; 

2027: Radio signals from extraterrestrial civilizations will be received; 

2029: Cyborgs will see the light; 

2030: A complex of measures will be developed to stop the process of human 

2030-2080: The industrial development of the Arctic and the Antarctic 

2035: The world economy will suffer yet another crisis due to the shortage of 
drinking water; 

2039: Artificial uterus will be created; first human incubators will appear; 

2047: Holographic television will become an inseparable part of everyday life; 

2060: Man will build the first colony on Mars; 

2069: A military conflict between Russia and China for Siberian territories 
will occur; 

2075: Euthanasia will be legalized in all countries; 

2090: Underwater cities will be built; 

2110: Transsexuals will make five percent of the Earth's population; 

2114: Mankind will establish first contacts with extraterrestrial 

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