Israelis 'attack' Gaza aid ship 
Pro-Palestinian activists have accused the Israeli navy of attacking a
ship carrying medical aid and other supplies to the Gaza Strip.  
The crew said they were
told to turn back by Israeli forces who had boarded the ship after
firing shots at it, one of organisers was quoted as saying. 
The Israeli army has not yet commented on the incident. 
Meanwhile, a Palestinian militant has been shot dead by Israeli forces in the 
occupied West Bank. 
The Israeli military said Ala a-Din Abu Roub was a local commander of the armed 
wing of the Islamic Jihad group. 
There have been sporadic incidents of violence since Hamas and Israel
declared separate ceasefires on 18 January, following Israel's
three-week attack on the Gaza Strip. 
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2009/02/05 10:51:21 GMT


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