What is Terrorism and who are the terrorists? 
By Dr. Perwazekhudi 
Dispute on this issue has been going on throughout the world, especially since 
9/11. The world’s leading Scholars, thinkers and politicians, have not yet; 
come up with a one Single most definition of terrorism or terrorist which will 
be acceptable to all. So far, whoever has defined terrorism; it is either 
politically motivated or religiously biased. Therefore we are not able to 
develop common consciences over this crucial issue. The matter even gets more 
complex when each country, state, Nation or a group of Individuals, start 
creating their own definition according to their need. If this latest trend, 
continues and the world peace loving majority did not come to a common ground 
on this issue, than those people who are charged with political & religious 
zealous will keep their tunnel vision, focused only on very few terrorist 
organizations namely Al-Qaeda & few alike, while hundreds of other terrorist 
groups (including few States & nations) will
continue their barbaric activities under our noses, in the name of survival, 
self-defense, law and order, civil disobedience etc etc. Therefore, we the 
common people, of this planet have the responsibility to identify and fight 
against all & every evil, without any discrimination or personnel biased.. 
Having said that, I would like to present you, with my understanding of this 
“Any one, who deliberately, in his right state of mind, causes harm to another, 
life or lives (Human and or Animal) and property(s) without any legal & or 
Moral Justification, supported by the local (country, state) and or 
international law, in my humble opinion, is a terrorist and whatever, comes 
out, as a result, of his action, is Terrorism”. By, “anyone” I mean, single or 
a group of individuals, country, State or Nation and when I say “harm”, it 
could be anything from a simple injury, harassment and vandalism to a killing, 
massacre and mass destruction as well as psychological, social and financial 
trauma to others. 
After this explanation, it is not so hard to figure out that Terrorism is not a 
new invention of 21st century, but existed throughout human history. However, 
most of us start hearing about this, only after the unfortunate incident of 
9/11. Even though, in the late 20th century we would hear sporadically, about 
terrorist activities but with the growth of electronic media, especially the 
Internet, news are spreading in the world within matter of seconds, compare to 
days & even months in the past. Here are few examples, of past, recent past and 
present, terrorists & terrorism: 
1. Long before Islam & Christianity, Egyptian pharaoh expelled thousands of 
Jewish, Children, women, Elderly to Sinai dessert where they lived for forty 
years. Even though considering the nature of Jews (not Jewish or Israelis), who 
might have created some problem for the King but no matter what, punishing the 
entire Nation for the mistake of only few, is not an excuse. 
2. Destruction (1st) of the Salomon’s temple, a national heritage of Jewish, by 
Nebuchadnezzar and subsequent exile of Israelites, from their homeland, is 
another example of an act of terrorism. However keep in mind, none of these 
people, mentioned in 1 & 2 were Muslims or Christians, but rather worshipers of 
kings, Queens or multiple other gods like today’s Hindus in India. 
3. Similarly, second & third time destruction, of the Salomon’s temple by the 
Greeks & Romans respectively, who were either Zoroastrians or some other types 
of Polytheists. 
4. The entire world especially, Muslim & Christian, cannot forget the atrocity 
of the “crusaders” who slaughtered hundreds of thousand, Muslims, their 
children, females & elderly in a cold blood. These people, just like Yazeed, 
were the followers of a Peaceful religion but this time, it was Christianity. 
5. Who can ever forget the world’s most infamous terrorists namely Hitler & 
Stalin, who killed millions of innocent people elsewhere, including in their 
respective countries. Interestingly, both were born Christian; however Stalin, 
in his adulthood became a communist. 
6. Who is the inventor of Atomic bomb? Of course a JEW, Albert Einstein, who 
used his God given brain and knowledge to produce an evil, for the destruction 
of his own race and Civilization? 
7. Now, who were those, who bombed the Hiroshima & Nagasaki with the Atom bomb, 
killing thousands of innocent Japanese, destroying their, buildings, livestock, 
plantations and the rest is well known to all of us? These were some of the top 
decision makers, in the American government and establishment, who were, also 
supposedly Christians but not by their action. 
8. Similarly the Kamikaze suicide air attacker, who bombed the Pearl Harbor, 
killing thousands American soldiers plus injured several thousand other without 
any mercy. They were from Japan, which is predominantly Buddhist country. 
9. The most recent, massacre in “Gaza” is a painful reminder, to the whole 
world, specifically Muslim, of the Jews and their State sponsored terrorism 
which has constantly, in the past sixty years, killed, humiliate and 
demoralized, people of Palestine, both Muslims & Christians, as well as 
barricading them, from all 3 sides, in a one large prison. In this very recent 
war crime of Gaza, alone, Jews killed and injured, several thousand innocent 
Palestinians including four hundreds children & babies. Not to mention, the 
shameless destruction of schools, houses, mosques, hotels even UN building. 
10. This article will be not complete, if I do not mention, about the “Hindu 
terrorism & terrorists” which is widely ignored or unknown to the west. There 
are over 144 different terrorist organizations in India, belonging to Hindus. 
Most of them are well known to us in Asia because they have not yet crossed the 
border of our continent. Furthermore, India’s famous intelligence agency RAW as 
well as at a time the government itself has participated in terrorist 
activities such as the killing of 90,000 plus Kashmiri, who are resisting the 
Indian occupation since 1947. Furthermore, a massive gang of Hindu terrorists 
made of ordinary Hindus, from India who burned & killed alive, over 4000 
Muslims from Gujarat (one of the Indian state), with the consent of the State 
prime minister Mr. Modi, who himself is a well known terrorist even recognized 
as such, by the USA, where he is not allowed to visit. Furthermore, not too 
long ago, in the Malegaon massacre as
well as in the bombing of a passenger bus, killing sixty two Pakistani 
citizens, the Indian law enforcement agencies arrested several Hindu 
terrorists, who were involved in these terrorist acts including the infamous 
colonel of Indian army “MR. Purohit’, while he was still on an active duty. 
Similarly these Hindu terrorists have killed over 30,000 Sikh and several 
thousand innocent Christians of Indian nationality. Just because they were 
asking for their right of freedom (in case of Sikh) or they were teaching the 
Hindus about Jesus & his holy message. 
Having said, that I do not believe all Hindus are terrorist. Just like I stated 
above, regarding other religions and non religious terrorism. In fact 
terrorists, have no religion, culture or race, rather they are, a group of 
deviants, from the human’s Norm. 
Unfortunately, we are the one, who link them to a particular race, nation or a 
religion because of our personnel biased, lack of knowledge or political gain & 
or prejudice. And by doing so we provide these handful criminals, with a larger 
platform as well as hideout among millions of good, law abiding, peace loving 
and God fearing people rather than identifying them, according to their deeds. 
Which will not only put them into an isolation but also we will be not 
alienating so many good people who might look like or share with them some 
cultural or religious commonalities. 
What I wrote in this brief article is no more than a drop in the bucket for 
this topic. However, it is good starter to provide some for food for thought, 
especially for those, who think that they or their predecessors were angels. 



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