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Last update - 18:34 10/02/2009
Amnesty International: Hamas carrying out 'deadly campaign' against opponents 
in Gaza
By Haaretz Service
Amnesty International group on Tuesday accused Hamas of carrying out a
"deadly campaign" against its Palestinian opponents and critics in the
Gaza Strip, particularly those they accuse of "collaborating" with

forces in the Gaza Strip have carried out a deadly campaign of
abductions, killings, torture and death threats against those they
accuse of 'collaborating' with Israel, as well as opponents and
critics," the human rights group wrote in its latest report, released
on Tuesday. 

"At least two dozen [Palestinian] men have been
shot dead by Hamas gunmen and scores of others have been kneecapped,
beaten or otherwise tortured or ill-treated," according to the report.

rights group said that most of the victims were kidnapped from their
homes and then released, either dead or wounded, in isolated areas or
in local morgues. Others were shot dead at the hospital while being
treated for their wounds, according to the report.

International succeeded in gathering testimonies from a number of
victims, but said many others refused to come forward for fear of
retribution from Hamas.

In its report, the rights group urged
Hamas to "immediately end the campaign of abuses" and to allow an
impartial force into the Gaza Strip to investigate the allegations."

between Hamas, who seized control of Gaza in a bloody 2007 coup, and
opponent groups such as Fatah have flared again in the wake of Israel's
22-day offensive on the Gaza Strip. The sides have held negotiations on
reconciliation, but to little avail.

Amnesty's findings come in the wake of numerous media reports and quiet 
complaints by Fatah activists of similar instances.

last month, Hamas announced that it had begun reasserting control in
the Gaza Strip and rounding up suspected collaborators with Israel,
drawing accusations from the rival Fatah group that its members were
being targeted. 

"The internal security service was instructed
to track collaborators and hit them hard," said Ehab al-Ghsain,
spokesman of the Hamas Interior Ministry, without singling out Fatah
members by name. 

"They arrested dozens of collaborators who
attempted to strike the resistance by giving information to the
occupation about the fighters," he said, using a Hamas term for Israel.

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