Thursday, February 19, 2009 
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Clinton to attend Gaza aid summit   
Clinton plans to participate in the aid conference with about 70 other 
countries [GALLO/GETTY]    Hillary
Clinton, the US secretary of state, has said she will attend an
international summit next month in Egypt to raise funds for the
reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, devastated by Israel's assault on the
Speaking during a visit to Indonesia on Thursday, Clinton said she
would go to the conference "to try to get humanitarian aid to the
people of Gaza". Egypt expects more than 70 countries to attend the meeting on 
March 2.
The United Nations Relief and Works agency (Unrwa), meanwhile, has announced 
the launch of a $345m emergency aid plan for Gaza.
plan, unveiled in Jordan on Tuesday, outlines specific mechanisms for
providing food, shelter, health care and education to Gaza's population.
The Gaza Strip suffered heavy infrastructure damage during last
month's 23-day conflict in which more than 1,300 Palestinians and 13
Israelis were killed.
Israel says the war was meant to dismantle Hamas's ability to fire rockets into 
southern Israel from Gaza.
Egyptian officials have in recent weeks sought to secure a long-term ceasefire 
deal between Hamas and Israel.
However, negotiations stalled on Wednesday when the Israeli security
cabinet rejected an agreement that did not include the release of Gilad
Shalit, an Israeli soldier captured by Palestinian fighters in 2006.  
 Source: Agencies   
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