Refleksi: Pertentangan antara Suni dan Shia memang hebat, mereka saling 
bunuh-bunuhan dengan bom bunuh diri dan saling membom mesjid. Hal ini  bukan 
saja terjadi  di Irak, tetapi juga di Pakistan.  

Di Indonesia  pertentangan sedikit lain, yaitu  kaum Nasrani dan kaum 
Ahamadiyah dijadikan sasaran kaum garis keras.  Agaknya tak sulit untuk 
ditemukan  indikasi adanya  penguasa NKRI yang bermain lempar batu sembunyi 
tangan dalam  pertentangan ini  di Indonesia.\02\21\story_21-2-2009_pg1_4

Saturday, February 21, 2009

32 killed at DI Khan funeral blast

 * 180 injured as suicide bomber attacks funeral procession of slain Shia 
* Two killed in firing following blast 
* Curfew imposed, army summoned to tackle rioters 

Staff Report 

PESHAWAR: A curfew was imposed in Dera Ismail Khan on Friday and the army 
called in to quell riots immediately after a suicide bomber killed at least 30 
Shias and injured another 157 who were attending a funeral in southern Dera 
Ismail Khan district, police and locals told Daily Times. 

Witnesses said police 'ran off' when gunfire broke out after the blast at the 
funeral of Shia leader Sher Zaman - who was gunned down a day earlier. 

The district administration imposed a curfew following the attack, and the city 
was given under the control of the military - which, according to locals, 
managed to bring the situation under control. 

A police official from DI Khan said the bomber blew himself up near Shobra 
Hotel, close to Bannu Road, at around 10:05am, killing 30 people immediately. 
Of the 157 injured, five were in critical condition, Dr Ashiq Saleem, the Dera 
Civil Hospital medical superintendent, told Daily Times over the telephone. 

Riots broke out in the city following the attack, and police confirmed that two 
people were killed in the firing that followed the blast. 

AP quoted the local police station chief as saying, "The head and a foot of the 
suicide bomber have been found ... the bomber appeared to be 20 years old." 

The official in charge of the bomb disposal squad told reporters that at least 
14 kilogrammes of explosives were used in the attack, and the "suicide bomber 
was sporting a crew cut and light beard". 

NWFP police chief Malik Naveed Khan has formed a task force to investigate the 
attack, and file a report in 10 days. 

According to the APP news agency, President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister 
Yousuf Raza Gilani and Punjab Governor Slamaan Taseer have condemned the 

NWFP Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti and Information Minister Mian 
Iftikhar Hussain also condemned the attack. The chief minister has announced 
compensation for the families of victims. 

Meanwhile, police said they had arrested three of the four people suspected of 
killing Sher Zaman.


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