Believers demand CIA data on UFOs
February 23, 2009 

Article from:  The Australian 
NEW YORK: The CNN tape shows it clearly. During the inauguration of President 
Barack Obama last month, a panoramic camera shot of the Washington Monument 
recorded a small, dark object racing across the sky. Was it a bird? Was it a 
plane? Or was it an emissary from an alien planet?

Internet opinion has been predictably divided - "What kind of birds can fly at 
500mph?" asked one of several million viewers who have seen the video clip - 
but for a small group of dedicated researchers, the incident could scarcely 
have been better timed. 

High on the agenda at the 2009 International UFO Congress opening in Laughlin, 
Nevada, overnight will be the prospects for a breakthrough in a long and mostly 
frustrated quest to persuade the US Government to come clean about the CIA's 
supposed contacts with extraterrestrial life over the past 50 years. 

Hundreds of delegates are converging on the Nevada desert to listen to speakers 
from 30 countries recount their extraterrestrial experiences. 

The ufologists are used to being mocked or ignored by the American media, yet 
in two key respects their meetings this year are not entirely out of this 

Far from being disheartened by their failure to produce conclusive evidence of 
aliens, ufologists were electrified last year by the appearance over 
Stephenville, Texas, of a series of fast-moving, flashing orbs seen by hundreds 
of people. Ufologists flocked there in the hope of witnessing a phenomenon that 
some linked to a nearby military airbase. 

Behind the UFO debate lies a CIA statement that more than half the reported UFO 
sightings of the 1950s and 1960s were caused by Cold War spy planes whose 
saucer-like designs were at the time kept secret. 

In a declassified report entitled CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90, 
Gerald Haines, a government historian, blamed Cold War hysteria for the 

The CIA insists there has been "no organised CIA effort (to study UFOs) since 
the 1950s". 

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