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      Rabbi Marc Schneier, a leading figure in interfaith dialogue, is 
optimistic that the U.S. Jewish community will one day share a bond with 
Muslims as strong as its historical relationship with African Americans. 

      In this exclusive interview with Leadel.NET, Schneier characterizes 
black-Jewish relationship as "clearly one of cooperation." 

      Schneier has spearheaded cooperation between the two minority groups, 
alongside Russell Simmons, his good friend and partner in the African American 

      While Jews were prominent in the civil rights movement, their ties with 
the black community soured following the assassination of Reverand Martin 
Luther King, Jr. Nevertheless, Schneier says, the bond has strengthened again 
over the last decade and a half. 

      "We understood our responsibility to speak out against the injustices of 
racism and discrimination," Schneier says in reference to the major role played 
by Jews in the civil right movement. 

      The fact that 78 percent of Jews voted for President Barack Obama 
demonstrates that the American Jewish community finds it important to maintain 
a strong relantionship with African Americans, Schneier said. 

      He adds that such a relationship is "deeply rooted in social 
consciousness of American Jewish community because of the role played in the 
civil rights movement," noting that now, an African American and a Jews are 
"the most important people in the White House." 

      This is the fifth edition of Leadel.NET'S 'Living the Vision' series on 
The Jewish World. 

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