Havana.  March 2, 2009

      Globalization 2009 begins this afternoon

      . More than a thousand specialists from 52 countries have confirmed their 
attendance . On the first day, President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales of Honduras 
will give a master lecture, as will the 2007 Nobel laureate in Economics and 
other notable figures 

      Susana Lee

      THE 11th International Meeting of Economists on Globalization and 
Development Problems will begin at 3:00 p.m. today, March 2, at the 
International Convention Center, and its first session is to feature Honduran 
President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, who will give a master lecture on 
"Required Adjustments to Globalization."

      Roberto Verrier Castro, president of the event's organizing committee, 
told Granma more than 1,000 economists and other social sciences professionals 
from 52 countries had been registered and confirmed as of yesterday. In 
committees, panels, and plenary sessions, the participants will hear more than 
250 presentations from selected specialists from 44 nations who will address 
crucial topics on the global economy. 

      Verrier Castro, who is also the president of the National Association of 
Cuban Economists - the co-sponsor of these meetings along with the Association 
of Latin American and Caribbean Economists - said that the first day's sessions 
would include a panel titled "From the Financial Crisis to the Global Economic 
Crisis: Impact and Lessons," with scholars from Argentina, the United States 
and Belgium.

      Today's program, as a preview of the week's events, includes lectures by 
Edmund Phelps, 2007 Nobel Prize winner in Economics; Samir Amin, president of 
the Third World Forum; Ecuadorian Pedro Páez, president of the Presidential 
Technical Commission for the configuration of components of the International 
Financial Architecture; and Alí Rodríguez Araque, Venezuelan minister of 
economics and finances. 

      Translation by Granma Internacional 


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