Jadi Amerika belum menyalahkan Israel yang  telah membunuhi ratusan i penduduk 
Gaza, termasuk anak-anak......




Wednesday, March 04, 2009 
10:52  Mecca time, 07:52  GMT     
News Middle East  
Clinton to meet Palestinian leaders   
Clinton met Israeli leaders on Tuesday after pledging additional aid to the 
Palestinian Authority [AFP]    Hillary
Clinton, the US secretary of state, is due to meet Mahmoud Abbas, the
Palestinian president, after pledging $900 million in economic and
humanitarian aid at a conference in Egypt.
Clinton will also meet Salam Fayyad, the prime minister, on
Wednesday in Ramallah, the administrative headquarters of the West
Bank-based Palestinian Authority (PA). The
US has stated that the additional aid will not be funnelled through
Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip but does not recognise Israel's right
to exist.
Clinton urged Palestinians to "break the cycle of rejection and
resistance" after meeting Israeli leaders in Jerusalem on Tuesday.
At the
Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on Monday, Clinton pledged the
additional aid to help rebuild the Gaza Strip after Israel's 22-day
offensive in the territory in December.
About 1,300 Palestinians and 13 Israelis died during war, before
unilateral ceasefires were declared by Israel and Palestinian factions
in the Gaza Strip.
Statehood inevitable
During her visit to the Middle East, Clinton has emphasised the need
for rocket fire from the Gaza Strip into Israel to end, and defended
Israel's right to respond to such attacks.
However, she has also said that a Palestinian state is the "inevitable" and 
"inescapable" outcome of any peace effort.
"During the conference, I emphasised President [Barack] Obama's and
my commitment to working to achieve a two-state solution to the
conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and our support for the
Palestinian Authority," Clinton said.
The statement raises the possibility of disagreement with Benyamin
Netanyahu, the Israeli prime-minister designate, who has said in the
past that the Palestinians are not ready for statehood.
Netanyahu is currently attempting to assemble a ruling
coalition, likely to be made up for hard-right and religious
parties, after elections last month.
Though Obama has said that an Arab-Israeli peace deal will be a
priority during his presidency, talks between Israeli officials and the
Palestinians have stalled over violence, settlement-building and
disputes over other core issues such as the future of Jerusalem and
Palestinian refugees.
The PA suspended the negotiations after Israel launched its
offensive on Gaza, with a stated aim of ending Palestinian rocket fire
into the south of the country.  
 Source: Al Jazeera and agencies   
Jusfiq Hadjar gelar Sutan Maradjo Lelo

Allah yang disembah orang Islam tipikal dan yang digambarkan oleh al-Mushaf itu 
dungu, buas, kejam, keji, ganas, zalim lagi biadab hanyalah Allah fiktif.


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