Jew, Arab to sing for peace at contest

Publish Date: Wednesday,4 March, 2009, at 12:03 PM Doha Time
Israelis have chosen a peace song for an Arab-Jewish female duo to sing at this 
year's Eurovision song contest to be held in Moscow in May. Ahinoam Nini, a Jew 
of Yemeni origin, and Mira Awad, a Christian Arab from the Galilee, were chosen 
to represent Israel at the international contest by the Israeli broadcasting 
authority on January 11.

The public chose the peace song There Must Be Another Way for the duo to 
perform at the glitzy affair. The lyrics of the song fellow Israelis chose for 
the duo include: "And when I cry, I cry for both of us. My pain has no name. 
And when I cry, I cry to the merciless sky and say: There must be another way." 

More than 1mn of Israel's 7.5mn residents are Arabs.

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