Crime Watch: Wife Knifes Husband in Eye For Refusing to Peel Potatoes
04 March 2009By Carl Schreck / The Moscow Times 
I tend to purchase slightly more expensive potatoes that don't need to be 
peeled or scrubbed too thoroughly before being tossed in the pot. I like 
potatoes, but I absolutely hate cleaning them and peeling them. I'm willing to 
overpay to avoid this work. 
A Penza man also had an apparent aversion to peeling potatoes, one that 
prompted his wife to hurl a knife into his eye in a fit of rage, according to 
Penza region news portal 
The description of the incident on makes the wife sound like a 
professional knife-thrower. After the husband refused to peel the potatoes, the 
woman, from the Penza region town of Arbekov, grabbed a kitchen knife and 
whipped it at her spouse, the tip of the knife lodging directly in his eye 
The husband displayed true devotion, waiting three days before seeking medical 
attention for the wound to his eye, then claiming he inflicted the wound on 
himself, reported. He later confessed how things really went down, the 
web site said. 
Luckily, the eye did not have to be removed, though the husband's sight has 
been severely damaged. 
A Penza region court recently sent the woman to prison for the attack, as she 
was still on probation after serving time for murder, local prosecutor Irina 
Alekseyenko told the web site. 
According to Alekseyenko, the convicted murderer met her husband immediately 
after being released from prison. 
"Even though the victim begged that his wife not be punished too harshly, she 
was nonetheless sent to prison for one-and-a-half years," Alekseyenko was 
quoted as saying. 
As helpfully notes, the incident was far from the first crime 
involving culinary preparations. 
In September 2008, a 53-year-old Tula woman was detained on suspicion of 
stabbing her husband to death as he was shredding cabbage in the kitchen. 
In another case, from January 2008, a Stavropol man was sentenced to three 
years in prison for attacking his friend with a knife in a drunken argument 
about how to prepare eggs properly. 
The victim, who survived the attack, disagreed with his assailant's decision to 
use tomatoes in the recipe. 

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