March 13th, 2009 - 12:24 pm ICT by ANI -

Chicago, March 13 (ANI): An Indian boy has an IQ greater than that of Albert
Einstein at the tender age of six.
Pranav Veera has an IQ of 176, while Einsteins IQ was believed to be about
The little boy can recite the names of the U.S. presidents in the order they
served in office, and is able to say the alphabet backward.
Given a date back to 2000, Pranav can even tell which day of the week that
He is highly competitive at playing Wii video games, and likes to play
Pranavs parents have revealed that he seemed unusually intelligent while
playing with alphabet sets, when the boy was just four-and-a-half years old.
He could even recall which letters were certain colours, they say.
That kind of puzzled us. You have to have not a normal memorization, but
some other means of recall, the Chicago Sun-Times quoted his father Prasad
Veera as saying.
The little boys mother, Suchitra Veera, has revealed that he presently loves
all kinds of alphabets.
He loves to collect them, like different colors, different sizes, different
materials, she said.
Pranavs parents decided to have his IQ tested at Powers Educational Services
in Hyde Park three months ago
I said, Lets try it out, because he seems to do a lot of stuff kind of not
quite normal for his age. He tested 176, his father said.
Pranavs teacher Marci Taylor, at McCormick Elementary in the Milford School
District, calls him an amazing child.
He knows so much, yet hes probably more excited about learning than any
child Ive ever seen. He shakes with excitement, she said.
What she finds impressive about Pranav is the fact that he knows so many
incredible things at the age of 6.
He loves to go play at recess and climb on the monkey bars, Taylor said.
When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Pranav says: An astronaut.

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