Refleksi : Bagaimana dengan pembunuhan besar-besaran di Jawa yang dilakukan 
oleh TNI dibawah pimpinan jenderal Soeharto dan jenderal Edhi Sarwo cs pada 
tahun 1965/1966,  apakah diizinkan  oleh pemerintah NKRI untuk diteliti kuburan 

Mass World War II grave found in Croatia

April 5, 2009 
ZAGREB - A mass grave dating from World War II and containing the remains of up 
to 4,500 people, including German officers and their Croatian allies, has been 
found near Zagreb, media reports say. 
Bones were found in six caves at Harmica, in the Zapresic region, some 20km 
west of the capital, close to the border with Slovenia, newspapers and state 
television said. 

The website of the daily Jutarnji List said they included soldiers of the 
Croation Ustachi regime allied to the Nazis and some 500 German army officers. 

It quoted an official of the Croatian branch of the Helsinki Committee human 
rights organisation, Ivan Zvonimir Cicak, as saying they were probably members 
of the German army's 39th Division, which comprised Croatian troops commanded 
by Germans. 

The division surrendered to communist partisans loyal to Josip Broz Tito near 
the town of Rijeka in early 1945. They appeared to have been executed and their 
bodies were thrown into the Harmica caves. 

The estimate of the numbers of bodies is based on the testimony of witnesses, 
and Cicak said that other mass graves could be found in the same region. 

Hundreds of thousands of Serbs, gypsies and Jews were massacred by the Ustachis 
until the regime was overthrown by the partisans under Tito, who went on to 
become ruler of Yugoslavia. 


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