Havana.  April 8, 2009

      Every six seconds a child dies from hunger

      UNITED NATIONS. -Every six seconds, somewhere in the world a child dies 
of malnutrition, according to Olivier De Schutter, the United Nations Special 
Rapporteur on the right to food. In a UN General Assembly session, the official 
also stated that there are 1 billion people going hungry in the world, the 
majority of them women and children, and that the dimensions of the global food 
crisis are far from having diminished this year. 

      "On the contrary, the volatility of prices and climate change will 
inevitably exacerbate the situation in 2009 with the poor being those most 
affected," De Schutter said. 

      The expert indicated that the reasons for global hunger are 
marginalization, poverty, lack of land and decent employment, along with an 
unjust international trade system that has sparked a decrease in investment in 
agricultural projects over the last 30 years. 

      The Rapporteur proposed redesigning international trade with the 
objective of boosting economic growth, as well as evaluating the potential of 
different models of agricultural development aimed at feeding the most 
vulnerable populations. 

      Likewise, De Schutter urged the application of incentives and regulations 
necessary to assure that transnational industrial agricultural companies 
contribute to the development of countries which serve as a source of 
resources. (Notimex)


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